MMRL Version 2.16.13: What's New?

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MMRL Version 2.16.13: What's New?

The latest version of MMRL, v2.16.13, brings a host of improvements, bug fixes, and new features. Whether you're a developer or a user, there's something in this update that will enhance your experience. Here's a detailed look at what's new in this release.

Key Updates and Improvements

1. Installer Elements Moved to Top in ModFS

The installer elements in ModFS have been repositioned to the top. This change aims to streamline the installation process, making it more intuitive and efficient for users to locate and use these elements.

2. Removal of App Splitting

App splitting has been removed in this version. This decision was made to simplify the codebase and reduce potential points of failure. Users can now enjoy a more seamless experience without the complications that app splitting might introduce.

3. Error Code and Dependency Updates

The error codes have been updated to provide clearer and more informative messages. Alongside this, several dependencies have been updated to ensure better compatibility and performance.

4. Bug Fixes

This release includes several important bug fixes:

  • Useless Regular-Expression Character Escape (#171): This fix addresses an unnecessary character escape in regular expressions, improving the accuracy and performance of regex operations.
  • Incorrect Suffix Check (#172): A bug related to incorrect suffix checks has been resolved, ensuring that file operations and validations work as expected.
  • Links with Forced Font-Face: Links that previously had a forced font-face are now fixed, ensuring consistent and expected styling.
  • Blur with Soft Corners: The blur effect now has correctly defined corners, enhancing the visual appeal and consistency of the UI.

5. New Features

  • Changelog View Option: Users can now view the changelog directly from a version item. This feature enhances transparency and keeps users informed about the changes and improvements in each release.
  • Improved Terminal Error Handling: Terminal error handling has been significantly improved to provide more informative and helpful error messages, aiding in quicker debugging and resolution of issues.
  • Hardcoded Antifeatures: This release introduces hardcoded antifeatures, even for local modules. If your module has been blacklisted, you can submit a removal request.

6. Security Enhancement

  • Blacklisted <iframe/>: For enhanced security, the use of <iframe/> has been blacklisted. This change helps mitigate security risks associated with iframes.

Important Notice

Starting with this release, you'll require MMRL-CLI to use the installer or you use our provided workarounds.

MMRL v2.16.13 is a significant update that brings numerous enhancements and fixes, aimed at improving user experience and ensuring a more secure and efficient application. Be sure to update to this latest version to take advantage of all the new features and improvements.


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