MMRL-CLI: Manage Your Magisk and KernelSU Modules Easily

by Der_Googler
~1 minute

Introduce MMRL-CLI (Magisk Module Repo Loader Command Line Interface), a powerful tool developed to streamline the installation and management of Magisk and KernelSU modules right from your terminal.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Module Installation:

    • Install modules from URLs or local files
    • Easily add repositories in the MRepo format and use simple commands to install modules
    • Example: mmrl install app-data-file-exec data_isolation_support
  2. Comprehensive Module Management:

    • Enable, disable, or remove modules with straightforward commands
    • Keep your modules organized and only activate the ones you need
    • Example: mmrl enable mkshrc
  3. Informative Commands:

    • Retrieve detailed information about specific modules before installing
    • Know exactly what each module does and how it will affect your device
    • Example: mmrl info mkshrc node_on_android
  4. Search and Download:

    • Search for modules by name or ID to find exactly what you need
    • Download modules for offline installation
    • Example: mmrl search id node

Latest Release: v0.3.3

  • Improved error handling and MMRL app support
  • Added the repo subcommand for better repository management
  • Support for local module installation
  • Various other enhancements for a smoother experience
  • To upgrade: mmrl upself 0.3.3

Getting Started

  1. Add repositories: mmrl repo add ""
  2. Install modules: mmrl install module_name
  3. Manage modules: mmrl enable module_name, mmrl disable module_name, mmrl remove module_name

This tool is written in Rust and available under the MIT license, making it a robust and open-source option for managing your device's modules.

For more details and to download, check out the MMRL-CLI GitHub page.


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