Running Node.js on a Android device
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Node.js are able to read and write the entire system, I'm not responsible for any stolen data, accounts or something. Install it at your own rist!


Since version 1.0.9 you're requiring mutiple users. If you get an install error, run pm get-max-users, it should display more than 2 users. If not run setprop fw.max_users 10 and re-try the install.

Deleting old files from version 1.0.8 and below

These files can deleted safely:



  • node-gyp isn't available. Someone need to ports python
  • Do not update yarn itself. This can break the functionality.
  • Do not use npm, you can install it via yarn global add npm, but npm isn't right configured for Android root usage.
  • Please don't execute global installed binaries on boot. This module need link /system to /usr first!
  • This module uses an own mkshrc file, this causes problems with some other modules, like Terminal modifications or Systemless mkshrc. Be uninstalling these modules before using this!

Global Binaries

You can install binaries from NPM, you can use the following commands to install global libraries

# yarng is an alias of `yarn global`
yarng add com.googler.bash

# ot use like this
yarn global add com.googler.bash

There are more addons like bash! You can also install neofetch!

Module development

If you want develop global libraries for usage use please:

#!/system/bin/env node

or this

#!/usr/bin/env node

/system is linked to /usr which makes it possible to execute npm or nodemon


Node.js version: 16.15.1 Yarn version: 1.22.19

Module can be downloaded from FoxMMM or [MMRL][mmrl]. The instalation should be always be in FoxMMM, for ~[ANSI][ansi] text support~.

Included binaries

  • yarn
  • node